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Ben Everson Music

Fusses Fights & Funerals | Ben Everson

Fusses Fights & Funerals | Ben Everson

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Many believers cannot articulate any coherent biblical music philosophy beyond "I like it." Others base what they think on an arbitrary list of rules from the 1980s. While biblical principles remain the same across time and culture, applications do not.

It won't please everyone.

This book won’t please some because it leaves room for individuality, grace, and the Holy Spirit. This book won’t please others because it shows the Bible doesn’t allow an “anything goes” mentality.

Ben Everson believes Christians need an updated way to apply timeless biblical principles of music. This book is an important step in finding a joyful way to navigate this topic on which all Christians will never completely agree.

Two key recommendations among many:

Ben is somewhat atypical in that he embraces a conservative philosophy of music, yet leaves room for variation within the boundaries of the major lines of Scripture. His new, thought-provoking book will challenge your thinking and aid you in forming or adjusting your music convictions from the Word of God.
- Evangelist John R. Van Gelderen, Revival Focus Ministries

Fusses Fights & Funerals is one of if not the last book Dr. Garlock publicly recommended before his passing on March 11, 2023. He said:

I enthusiastically recommend Ben’s book as important reading for anyone who wants practical, thorough, and useful information about problems the current generation is facing. The chapter dealing with what discourages people from studying the subject…is worth the price of the book.
- Dr. Frank Garlock, Founder of Majesty Music

Here are the chapter titles:

1. What do I Mean by Christian Music?

2. Why did I write this book?

3. Fusses, Fights, and Funerals

4. The most important thing about music isn’t music. 

5. Stop Misrepresenting the Holy Spirit! 

6. 5 Ways People Will Discourage You

7. Is Music Really Worth Fighting about Anymore?

8. Does the Bible Talk about How We Do Things?

9. What Are the Basic Positions on Music Today?

10. Why I Believe the Conservative Approach Is Best

11. How to Draw Principles for Music from the Bible

12. Principle: Singing is Evidence of a Spirit-filled Life.

13. Principle: Music is Designed to Help Us Meditate and Memorize Scripture.

14. Principle: The Believer Is not to Love or Be Like the World.

15. Principle: We Are Commanded to Prove All Things, Including Music.

16. Principle: Righteousness and Unrighteousness Do not Mix.

17. Principle: Sensuality Cannot be Used to Worship Jehovah.

18. Principle: Music Communicates.

19. Principle: Our Music Should Exhibit the Characteristics Found in Philippians 4:8.

20. Modern Worship: Does Methodology Matter?

21. Modern Worship: A Biblical Understanding

22. Modern Worship: A Critical Error

23. Modern Worship: What Is the Proper Place for Emotions?

24. 3 Worship Stories

25. Modernizing without Compromising

26. What Will Worship Music Look like in One Hundred Years?

27.We Need to Teach the “Whys.”

28. 8 Encouragements to Sacred Music Conservatives

29. How I Deal with Musical Disagreement

30. The Guiding Principle Principle

31. Did David Dance Naked before the Lord?

32. What about Music for Entertainment?

33. Music and Associations

34. Let’s Pray for Our Brethren!


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