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My Letter to You - SAB Choir Version

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All the verses are mostly unison or 2-part between ladies and men since the tessitura has a wider range that might make a 3-part setting sound muddier.
All of the choruses have the same voicing which is mostly 3 parts. Recently, it's been a bit of a trend in newer arrangements/compositions to make all choruses of a piece have the same voicing. That's an easier arrangement to sing, because there's fewer new parts a choir has to learn.
In the end of the choruses, the choir goes back to choir-unison, because that makes the texture more simple, but also makes a stronger sound, and the phrases used there are strong points in the message.
The bridge is all choir unison.
There are optional 2-part splits for the men in some places just so that the higher men voices don't have to reach down to a low G if they're not able to, and at the ending part, if the director wants a full 4-note chord to be sung by the choir. 
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