Ben Everson is regarded as one of the major music influencers in conservative Christian music.

Ben has become a prolific songwriter with his music featured on hundreds of Christian radio stations and networks in the USA and around the world. He has produced nearly 50 albums, and was one of the earliest Christian artists to create one-man a cappella videos on YouTube, and continues to produce original content such as Hymns at Midnight, and videos with his family who tour and sing with him.

In addition to holding local church crusades around the United States, Ben has written four books including “Fusses, Fights, and Funerals” and a vocal course.

Ben is an ordained Baptist evangelist, sent out of his home church Calvary Baptist Church of Midland, MI.

He is an avid home studio aficionado, recording his own a cappella music since the age of 5. He has been a guest of Duke University for a cappella arranging, and lectured at Michigan State University on home studio recording.

The Eversons travel 10 months out of the year, holding revival meetings in local churches around the country.

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2172 W Nine Mile Road, #359, Pensacola, FL, 32534

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