Our Story

Ben was born and raised in Michigan. He was saved at the age of 10 and baptized soon afterward at his home church Calvary Baptist of Midland, MI. Ben is a proud graduate of Calvary Baptist Academy. He was called to preach as a sophomore in high school, and was ordained out of his local church. He attended both Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Northland Baptist Bible College, graduating from Northland and launching into full-time itinerant work.

Amanda is the oldest of seven. She trusted Christ at the age of four, and served with her family on the mission field of Mexico until she graduated. She attended Northland Baptist Bible College where she met Ben who transferred in from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. Ben and Amanda met on a ministry singing group traveling for the College. 

After getting married in 1999, Ben and Amanda continued to travel in revival ministry out of Northland under Drs. Les Ollila and Marty Von until 2003. 

The Eversons launched out in full-time itinerant work and have continued to travel since that time, bringing their unique blend of encouraging music and message to hundreds of churches in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, with more international destinations in the future. Calvary Baptist in Midland, MI, has served as their sending church for all these years.


A Balanced, Encouraging Ministry

Some Christian music groups seem to be all about entertaining people. Others come across stiff and inaccessible. We do our best to avoid those extremes. We try to keep our music fresh and interesting, full of creativity but within biblical principles. We are finding more and more Bible-believing ministries are looking for this kind of approach and we are thrilled to meet this need.

Ben’s messages are encouraging but challenging, with clear applications built on an expositional foundation. We also believe a literal, dispensational hermeneutic is the correct approach to theology. We believe in all the fundamentals of the faith, and hold to a pre-tribulational rapture. Our home church is Calvary Baptist Church of Midland, Michigan, pastored by Dr. Dan Dickerson.


Our Mission

We want to encourage as many Christians as possible as much as possible while it is still possible!

We sing concerts and hold special meetings to encourage all who come.

We consider every avenue we can to put our music in the hands of people wherever they are. We try to get to as many Bible-believing churches as we can to preach encouraging messages and minister music.



Send us an email at or call us at 850-529-6873.