Why do I make Music?

I want to create medicine for the soul. Refreshing music in a noisy world.

I perform live so that I keep in touch with real people in real time. Ministering to people right in front of me where I can see their faces and reactions keeps my heart soft.

I create recordings so the music can outlive the moment and go to people I could not reach. One man and wife listened to one of my songs 16 times as she passed into heaven from cancer. My voice was literally the soundtrack for her home going. I want to comfort people in the absolute darkest hours of their lives.

To remind them that God is big. Heaven is real. And Jesus is there.

I work hard to be creative within biblical boundaries. I want my music to have scriptural substance.

I want to express and encourage a variety of affections of the soul with different songs. Joy, hope, peace, determination, resilience, gentleness, trust, even humor should be reflected in music.

I have been given incredible blessings in my life: a stable and loving family environment, skillful and caring teachers, better health than I deserve, and an overflowing fountain of music within my soul. I did nothing to earn these things; they were all given to me. I owe a debt to my fellowman and my Creator to steward these gifts.

It is so important to know why we are here on this earth. Music I create is not for myself, but to strengthen the hearts of anyone who listens.

If I can encourage someone to trust God just a little bit longer, I’m doing what I was put here to do.


Ben Everson

December 23, 2020


If you want to help, you can do so here: www.patreon.com/beneverson