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Ben Everson Music

Fusses Fights & Funerals | Digital Book

Fusses Fights & Funerals | Digital Book

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If you think the battle over Christian music is over, you aren't paying attention. Most Christians have whole-heartedly embraced the fusion of pop music styles with sacred content. Those who remain more conservative in their approach can feel isolated and antiquated. Evangelist and musician Ben Everson brings his spiritual gift of mercy to this issue, encouraging the reader to think biblically. Ben's focus is on principles rather than rules and he takes time to explain what's important and what isn't. Although Ben does deal with opinions that are different, the overall emphasis isn't critical or combative. This book is meant to be an encouragement to conservative-minded believers to know the "whys" not just the "whats."

You receive the following digital versions: a PDF, Nook, Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play version.

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