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Ben Everson Music

Fusses Fights & Funerals - Kindle Edition

Fusses Fights & Funerals - Kindle Edition

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If you thought the battles over music were over, you aren't paying attention.

The weakening of Christianity has a lot to do with the music that is put center-stage. Are we substituting the power of music for the power of the Holy Spirit? And what about those who teach that syncopation is evil?

Evangelist Ben Everson takes a realistic approach to this issue. You'll want to read this book in print or Kindle edition to get some practical answers and thought-provoking observations.

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Some of the 34 chapters include:

  • Fusses, Fights, and Funerals
  • Is Music Really Worth Fighting About Anymore?
  • The Most Important Thing about Music Isn't Music
  • 5 Ways People will Discourage You from Studying Music
  • What Are the Basic Positions on Music?
  • Why I Believe the Conservative Approach Is Best
  • How to Draw Principles for Music from the Bible
  • Modern Worship: Does Methodology Matter?
  • What Is the Proper Place for Emotions?
  • Modernizing without Compromising
  • Is Music in the Category of Meat?
  • What Will Worship Music Look Like in 100 Years?
  • 8 Encouragements to Sacred Music Conservatives
  • How to Deal with Musical Disagreement
  • Did David Dance Naked before the Lord?
  • Music and Associations
  • Stop Misrepresenting the Holy Spirit!
  • Are Drums Demonic?
  • Is Syncopation Sinful?

Read some of the early comments coming in about the book:

"I enthusiastically recommend Fusses, Fights, and Funerals as important reading for anyone who wants practical, thorough, and useful information about the problems that the present generation is facing. It communicates in understandable ways all the issues that are difficult for many people to understand. It addresses these issues in an unbiased manner.

The fact that the author brings up what discourages people from studying the subject, and then answers the objections logically is worth the price of the book. Also, demonstrating WHY music is worth fighting for reveals an exceptional approach to the whole meaning of any discussion."

Dr. Frank Garlock, Founder of Majesty Music

"Ben Everson is a gifted vocalist, musician, and preacher. This God-given combination gives him a helpful perspective on the controversial issue of music. Ben is somewhat atypical in that he embraces a conservative philosophy of music, yet leaves room for variation within the boundaries of the major lines of Scripture. His new thought-provoking book will challenge your thinking and aid you in forming or adjusting your music convictions from the Word of God."

 Evangelist John R. Van Gelderen, Revival Focus Ministries

"When your heart is full of Christ, you will want to sing! Your heart will be blessed as you read this book from Evangelist Ben Everson."

Evangelist Byron Foxx, Bible Truth Music

"Thanks for touching the importance of needing to see music to aid in excellence in congregational singing. The example of Wanda was convicting and a needed reminder to guard my heart and attitude as I advocate for the best practices in congregational singing and try to keep us from slipping back into the congregational non-involvement of the Dark Ages.
I greatly appreciate how you approach this from the perspective of biblical principles. I think that will help this book age very, very well. And that aspect is also very needed since I, regretfully, have been hearing statements such as the Bible doesn't say anything about X when it comes to music (ignoring many of the Biblical principles you laid out here). So, I think your text will be a great asset and help in Independent Baptist circles."
a music professor in a leading Christian college


This book is practical, insightful, balanced, and layman-friendly. Everson makes a gracious defense for traditional, conservative music that is both loving and convicting. He brings an uncommon, common-sense approach to the subject of worship music.

Dr. Travis Smith,

Senior Pastor of Hillsdale Baptist Church in Tampa, FL

Thank you for a very sound and scriptural approach to a very touchy subject. Honestly, after reading it, I felt it was one of the most scriptural and honest treatments of this subject I have read. Your reminder that justification and personal sanctification are two separate works of God in our life was very helpful. Also your emphasis that there is morality in music and that music is not “meat” were very enlightening.

I am not a musically trained individual but if I was starting out again I would spend more time learning about the effect of music and the importance of training people WHY we have certain standards. In my early days it never occurred to me that music would become the important issue it has in this day. 

Thank you for taking the time to write a book that puts into simple-to-understand words truths that can be applied to help any church and pastor form a Biblical approach to their music ministry."

a 40-year veteran pastor

Regarding Ben's in-person messages on sacred music:

"By far the best presentation I’ve heard on the subject of music. He connected with our congregation and communicated his message clearly. Every point was proven biblically and musically. We saw first-hand how much music affects us and many made decisions for the Lord. I encourage every ministry to invite Bro. Everson to share this timely presentation."

Joe Shakour, Senior Pastor, Tabernacle Baptist Church of Wilson, NC

"The music ministry of Ben Everson is spirit-filled and heart touching. We have him minister often at Pensacola Christian College where students, faculty, and staff enjoy his conversational style and humble spirit. We also appreciate his practical approach and thoughtful application of Scripture as he teaches about the philosophy of sacred music."

Dr. Troy Shoemaker, President, Pensacola Christian College


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