2022 Update on Amanda's Hearing

2022 Update on Amanda's Hearing

First, a quick recap from 2021: We’ve waited a few years to share this news, but we’d like to do so now. We think it will help explain some of our goals in the coming days.

Around the time I (Ben) was being treated for voice loss in 2015, Amanda was also tested for distortions in her hearing. She described it as having the volume turned up too high and the speaker fuzzing. The results came back that she has a genetic condition that is causing her hearing to deteriorate in both ears over time. There is little to nothing that can be done.

2022 Update

She hears distortions most of the time as we sing now, and last year I wanted to make some changes to help her continue to play her vital role in our music ministry. Here is an update to those plans.

Adjustment #1 - Adjusting Live Sound

We wanted to adjust the positioning of the live speakers so that she wouldn't have to stand directly in front of the speaker. We've been able to do that quite a bit over the last year, and it has helped. We received a generous donation that enabled us to get a second BOSE tower that we've used to widen the soundstage. We've seen and improvement as we had hoped.

Adjustment #2 - Finding a House and Property

This was a goal in case we have to travel less going forward. We have not been able to purchase our own home or property yet, so we are content with our rental situation for now. We are grateful for a good-sized house that provides what we need at this time. Hopefully, we will be able to own our own home and property at some point in the near future.

2022 is the last year for the large family.

Although Miles stopped traveling already, it still feels like a large family with 5 of us still touring. After our Christmas concerts, Elena and Daren will be moving on to the next stages of their lives and will not be traveling anymore. This will take us down to a trio. I'm sure there will be adjustments to our music once this year is done. We will see what additional changes we can make to make the best of the situation. Thank you for your prayers for our family!

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So sorry to hear about Amanda’s struggles. Praying for her. Also for the family. Love you💕

Lois Bishop

Amanda is so young. I can’t imagine the challenges but I have faith that with Amanda’s and your creativity and ingenuity, you will do just fine. I’m looking forward to watching your eaglets fly. Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness in serving Jesus.

Reanee Unger

We will continue to pray for you. We are glad for your coping skills.

Pamela Lillibridge

We will be praying for you.
Your family is such an encouragement to us.

Dr Brian J Bee

How was I not aware? I will definitely be praying for you all. What’s ahead for Elana and Darin?

John H. Hill

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