You can expect joyful, refreshing music that glorifies God  and encourages your soul with sweet voices as clear as crystal at an Everson Family concert. You’ll be able to understand every word.

The Everson Family began traveling full-time in evangelism in 2003. God grew the ministry in the earlier days through the voices of Ben and Amanda, including Ben’s unique one-man a cappella orchestras. As the children have become teenagers and young adults, the family sound has blossomed into a spectrum of harmony that is musically excellent and doctrinally solid. The Eversons have traveled throughout the entire contiguous United States as well as internationally, singing and preaching to tens of thousands of people over the last two decades. Grateful concert-goers often report that the Eversons sound the same on recording as they do in person.

The Eversons own their own studio, write nearly all their own arrangements, and have written over 100 original songs. Altogether, they have produced over 40 albums since 2001. Portions of the Eversons’ music are available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and many other platforms. 

Ben showed signs of musical talent as a young child, recording a cappella quartets at the age of 5 using cassette recorders. Ben is the oldest son of Dr. Dana F. Everson, a university music professor and prolific arranger and Gloria Everson, herself a gifted choral director and communicator. Ben was called to preach in the tenth grade of Christian highschool at Calvary Baptist Academy in Midland, Michigan. He was ordained in 2004.

As the oldest of seven children in the Tim and Teresia Hendricks family, Amanda sang in churches from an early age. When God called her family to Mexico as missionaries during her teenaged years, she sang more often on deputation and on the field. She and Ben met at Bible college when they auditioned for the same singing group and ended up traveling together for the year.

The Eversons have purposefully remained within conservative Baptistic churches, believing that doctrine matters. Although they have had numerous opportunities to make more money by switching their style towards a “Christian pop” sound, they have stayed true to what they believe are biblical principles of godly music. Without impugning the motives of those who see things differently, they want to be as creative as possible within biblical boundaries. In Ben’s words, “Christian music should reflect everything that God is but none of what He isn’t.”