• "Your music is so encouraging. I play it every night on repeat to help me overcome my nightmares."

  • "My dear wife and I listened to your music as she passed on to heaven. Thank you for helping her not to be afraid."

  • "You could have gone on Broadway...thank you for making music for believers instead!"

  • "I like what you’ve done here with this recording, very much in fact. My opinion? one of your best."

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Encouragement in musical form.

  • Rich Harmonies

    Ben's arranging and recording style brings a sonorous and pleasing sound to your ear.

  • Sweet Singing

    Ben's voice is clear and melodic, instantly putting you at ease.

  • Creative, Fresh

    Clearly conservative, but not exactly traditional. Creative within biblical boundaries.

  • Listenable

    Hear something new every time you play a song. Music with depth.