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Ben Everson Music

Essentially Everson | Digital Album

Essentially Everson | Digital Album

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Behold Ben's inaugural album! 20 raw a cappella renditions, recorded in cassette form--no computer tricks, no pitch adjustments, and no digital editing! Enjoy these tunes, fresh from the original Christmas '95 cassette captured in Ben's original studio: his bedroom.

  1. Innocent Lamb
  2. Step into the Water
  3. All Your Anxiety
  4. Then Came the Morning
  5. Lord, I Need You*
  6. Is that Footsteps that I Hear
  7. Born Again*
  8. The Morning Trumpet
  9. They Call Me Old Fashioned
  10. O Holy Night
  11. My Favorite Number
  12. Baby Face
  13. It's You
  14. What'l I Do
  15. River of No Return
  16. I'm Confessin'
  17. If I Loved You
  18. 'Til We Meet
  19. When I Fall in Love
  20. Chordbuster March

*Special soloist Nate Wheeler

A man in my church, who was only there for about a year, had one of these and allowed me to borrow it over Christmas break. I lived in my room for 2 weeks to record this. Another man, Mr. Claude Linder from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, allowed me to take home an Alesis Microverb III out of the sound room. That's where I got the reverb from. I had a small window of time to make this music; it changed my life forever.

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