The Story Behind "I'll Pray Again"

The Story Behind "I'll Pray Again"

Sometimes, I think it's helpful to know the stories behind songs. It helps give new meaning and depth. I'll share with you what led me to write this one.

First Verse

I've spent time with a lot of pastors over 25 years. Although I've never been a senior pastor, I feel like I can understand a little of what they go through. In my mind, I pictured a pastor who has grown weary of the ministry. I could see him completely worn out after a busy and difficult Sunday of ministry, after he had poured out his heart to no avail. Although he may try to avoid being discouraged, pastors are human.

Sometimes you can tell when someone is feeling a certain way by how you hear them walk, or even close a car door. I imagined that his wife could sense the discouragement with every step. This first verse I see him finding his strength in the Word of God, which gives him the determination to carry on for one more day.

Second Verse

I hadn't seen my college friend in a few years. He got married the year before me and started pastoring a small church in our home state of Michigan. When I saw him, he was pushing a stroller with their first-born son inside. He was born with a genetic disorder that I'd never heard of.

Our friends would go on to see two of their children pass away long before the age of ten to the same disorder. And yet, they remained faithful to the Lord. I was challenged in my own walk with the Lord each time we would fellowship with them. Sometimes, instead of God changing our circumstances, He changes us.

Third Verse

I realized the song was getting long, but I really wanted to put a good biblical cap on it. So even though it pushed the song to be a little longer than average, I thought the closing verse was important for me.

No matter what you might be facing, God is with you. Even when He is silent, He is not wasting your pain. May we simply keep praying and see what He will do in our lives.

- Ben

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