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Amazing Grace | SMAC | A Cappella

Amazing Grace | SMAC | A Cappella

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Click here for sheet music download of this arrangement!

The first-ever a cappella group at Summer Music Academy held on the campus of Pensacola Christian College. Made up of high-school students, this group was formed during the first week of camp. Ben Everson created a custom arrangement overnight, and the group learned and recorded it in time for the Gala Concert on Friday night. 

This is the studio version; only those who elected to be in the recording are in this version. The performance version is watchable on YouTube. 

solo: Providence Baker; descant: Sarah Stockton

Want to be a part of this group? Find out more about SMA here!

*Although we love SMAC and Pensacola Christian College, Ben Everson Music is not affiliated with either. Mr. Everson is a summer teaching faculty guest. He owns the sheet music arrangement, but the hosting of this mp3 single on Ben Everson Music's website is for convenience of delivery, not for profit. 

**For more information about how you can become a part of the next Summer Music Academy, click here.

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