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Blueprints | Digital Album

Blueprints | Digital Album

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Lauri Lou is a lyricist and creative writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Since joining Ben Everson Music in November of 2013, she has enjoyed studying songwriting techniques and co-writing, celebrating with others the beautiful legacy of Christian music. She possesses a crystal-clear lyric voice. One of her passions is cheering on the young people who are learning to write the next generation of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs—to use music as an expression of the full experience we have in Christ.

Song list:

  1. Trust Your Every Word
  2. Turn Around and Smile (with Ben Everson)
  3. Deep Deep Love
  4. Time Well Spent (with Ben Everson)
  5. Blueprints
  6. With the One Who Warms Your Heart
  7. Then to the Rock


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