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Ben Everson Music

God's Awake | Digital Album

God's Awake | Digital Album

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The family is back with more harmony, new songs, and some gospel favorites.

PREPARE YE THE WAY is an original festive opening song fitting for Resurrection Sunday with the whole family. WHEN GOD RAN can warm anyone's heart who has a wayward child, or has been a prodigal themselves. I BELIEVE IN A HILL CALLED MOUNT CALVARY is a classic favorite that is arranged for the whole family including an a cappella section.

Ben wrote two new songs for the album. GOD'S AWAKE is an encouragement to find rest and peace in the midst of difficulty. TIME TO BELIEVE is an anthemic call to stand for Christ in a crumbling world. The family sings a beautiful arrangement of HAVE THINE OWN WAY LORD with an a cappella section that is reminiscent of the altar call in church services prior to so many worship services being upended.

THE BLOOD REMAINS is a newer gospel song that focuses in on what Christ has done for us. I AM FREE features a new orchestral arrangement that brings new life to this favorite song. LISTEN FOR THE TRUMPET and HERE AM I LORD are two classic Majesty Music/Patch the Pirate songs that are wonderfully appropriate today.

You'll love the family blend and creative arranging on this new album. Get yours today!


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