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Happy Together | Digital Album

Happy Together | Digital Album

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We haven't done a "fun" album with love songs on it since Today and Always. So Ben went back to some of his barbershop quartet roots for some a cappella arrangements as well as penning several new love songs. Amanda joins for "The Prayer," and sings an extemporaneous "Over the Rainbow." Lauri Lou Jones Borges joins on "Turn Around and Smile."

This album makes a great gift for anyone, but especially those with a romantic side. 


  1. Happy Together (a cappella)
  2. From My Point of View (new love song)
  3. Amazing (new love song)
  4. The Prayer (a cappella)
  5. The Candyman (a cappella)
  6. Accustomed to Her Face (orchestrated)
  7. Pure Imagination (a cappella)
  8. When I Fall in Love (a cappella)
  9. You Raise Me Up (orchestrated)
  10. Somewhere Out There (a cappella)
  11. Over the Rainbow (Amanda solo with Ben on piano)
  12. Turn Around and Smile (new love song)
  13. Til There Was You (a cappella)
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