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Simple Hymns - Volume 1

Simple Hymns - Volume 1

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It isn't the hymn format that guarantees a doctrinally-sound song. But the most doctrinally-sound songs written over the last few hundred years are hymns. And we're losing touch with many of them. This album has no special effects or extra sparklies; just one voice with piano accompaniment, singing through the hymnbook. I wanted to sing with conviction, but I also purposefully kept the arrangements simple to keep it all about the content.

I am not strict about the definition of a hymn. I don't mind calling gospel songs "hymns" since most of the church at large does. These are some of the best combinations of lyrics and melodies that are standing the test of time.


Ben Everson, soloist

Colleen Enders, accompanist

Cover design by Moriah L'Heureux

I've dedicated this album to my pastor and his wife, Dr. Dan & Cheryl Dickerson at Calvary Baptist Church in Midland, my home church where I grew up!

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